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In order to survive organizations must constantly adapt to a rapidly changing world. This requires careful monitoring of environmental issues in order to leverage new opportunities and solve critical problems. ChangeAnalytix Inc. (CAI), founded by Jerry Porras and Richard Kass in 2007, has a proprietary method called Stream Analysis for effectively dealing with such issues. This method, and the software tool that implements this method, is based on a book called "Stream Analysis: A Powerful Method for Diagnosing and Managing Organizational Change" written by Professor Jerry Porras of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Steam Analysis helps solve problems that often show up in organizations. For example, customer complaints might multiply to an unacceptable level. Quality may drop below standard. Absenteeism or turnover may increase. Costs may rise and/or sales may decrease. These would all be indications that the organization is not functioning effectively, but they would only be the tip of the iceberg. Stream Analysis is designed to systematically identify and help correct such problems once and for all so they don’t return later perhaps in a slightly different form.

Stream Analysis can also be used to assess strengths, weaknesses, market opportunities, and threats to an organization's continuing success. For example, Stream Analysis can be used to assess direct and indirect competition, unsustainable price increases by suppliers, increased government regulation, the impact of economic downturns, potential fallout from negative press coverage, shifts in consumer behavior, or the danger of "leap-frog" technology that can leave your products and/or services obsolete.

However, it must not be forgotten that all changes ultimately lead to an organization's members changing the way they behave on the job, the decisions they make, the tasks they carry out, the information they share, the care with which they do their work, the creativity they bring to their activities, the initiatives they take, and so on. Changes in such things as organization charts, cost control systems, budgetary systems, machinery, techniques for doing the job, policies and procedures, or job designs and responsibilities, will not have much impact on the outputs generated by the organization unless people behave differently as a result of these prescribed alterations. If the organization changes aspects of itself and its members do not change their basic work related behaviors, then, in fact, there will be no positive long term organizational change. Stream Analysis can be used to resolve these kinds of issues as well.

CAI's Stream Analysis software unlocks management team potential to boost organizational performance and solve key productivity problems. This powerful, analytic and graphics-based software is a rational, systematic and "system thinking" process that guides managers, across organizational functions, through complex organizational interrelationships to: 

  • Identify and take ownership of core problems that stand in the way of organizational effectiveness.

  • Share consensus and buy-in with all stakeholders around both problem diagnosis and solution planning.

  • Produce simple graphic records of the management process, reducing the likelihood of recurring incidents.

CAI's Stream Analysis software provides the stakeholders with the tools and procedures for ensuring successful outcome for their change initiatives.



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